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Gate to Russian Business and Innovative Networks
The “Gate to Russian Business and Innovation Networks” is the project aimed to assist to the development of business and technological co-operation between SMEs and R&D organizations of Russia and European Union, contributing to their competitiveness capacities. This is Russian proposal to the European Commission to join new business innovative network in Europe - Enterprise Europe Network.

The project is implemented by a consortium of three network organizations:

The Russian Agency for Support of Small and Medium Business (RA);
The Union of Innovation Technology Centres of Russia (RUITC);
The Nonprofit Partnership «Russian Technology Transfer Network» (RTTN).

The main specific feature of the Project is connecting Russian and European SME support networks. It means that the Consortium will be acting as an effective “gate” between EU and RF business and innovation networks. This “gate” via networking with RUITC and RTTN members as well as through the business centers network set by RA will provide services to support business and innovation cooperation for EU and RF companies and research organizations. It will include services for:

In formation, feedback, business co-operation and internationalization;

Innovation, technology and knowledge transfer;
Encouraging the participation of SMEs in the Community Framework Programme for RTD.

Gate2RuBIN activities and services will cover more than 4000 Russian export-oriented and/or innovative SMEs and 450 R&D organizations. It will be addressed for all European centers that will participate in European Network and their clients who would like to cooperate with Russian partners. The Consortium expect that project activity will initiate not less then 20 B2B cooperation projects, 15 TTT projects and 5 projects for Framework Program with Russian and European partners annually.

The Consortium receives the public support for implementation of Gate2RuBIN’s project from the Ministry for Economic Development and Trading of the Russian Federation (MEDT RF) and State Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE).

To achieve effectiveness and synergies the Consortium intend to have strong cooperation with International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) and the federal/regional SME support infrastructure as well as Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and with new projects and initiatives which will be arranged or supported by European Commission for assistance of innovation and business cooperation with Russia.