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Projects of Bio NCP

The overall aim of the ACCESSRU project is to stimulate S&T cooperation between Europe and Russian Federation by providing better access to the European researchers for the Russian research and innovation programmes.

Firstly, the project will map and analyse research & innovation programmes and initiatives managed by the Russians Federation to identify access opportunities to researchers from the Member States and Associated Countries. A particular focus will be put on the ongoing bilateral cooperation agreements and programmes between the Member States/Associated Countries and Russia in order to analyse their reciprocity conditions.

Increasing the awareness and dissemination in the Member Sates and Associated Countries of access opportunities for European researchers in national research and/or innovation programmes managed by third countries.
Complementary to the « mobility » programmes

Help develop the reciprocity aspect of the S&T agreements by identifying the programme open to EU researchers and promote their participation

The projects are supposed to provide outputs useful inter alia in the context of the Joint Committee meetings of the S&T agreements.

The research and/or innovation programmes must not be restricted to one thematic area but should cover the main research programmes of the countries concerned so as to benefit to the largest European scientific communities.

Expected Impact:

To increase S&T cooperation between Europe and 12 targeted countries.

To improve mutual understanding of the respective research systems in Europe and third countries with S&T agreements