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Advancement of the bilateral Partnership in scientific Research and Innovation with the Russian Federation

Duration: 01.11. 2012 – 31.10.2015
Coordinator: Deutsches Zentrum Fuer Luft - Und Raumfahrt EV, Germany

Objective: The overall strategic objective of the project BILAT-RUS-Advanced is to facilitate the science-, technology- and innovation cooperation between Russia and the EU. The project supports the bilateral STI policy dialogue between the Russian Federation and the EU Member States, Candidate Countries and Associated Countries. This will also imply support to coordinate EU Member States’ and Associated Countries’ research policies and programmes with regard to Russia. Synergies between EU policies and programmes addressing Russia will be promoted. BILAT-RUS-Advanced will further promote the bilateral cooperation to the best scientists and organisations by increasing the awareness on FP7 cooperation opportunities and monitor the progress which has been achieved so far.
Also, BILAT-RUS-Advanced focuses on the opportunities for European researchers to participate in Russian research and innovation programmes.

Main aims:
• provide input for the EU-Commission on the state of EU-Russian STI cooperation;
• contribute to coordinate research policies and programmes of European Member States, Associated Countries and the EU-Commission;
• enhance information collection and dissemination as regards STI between Russia and the EU;
• raise awareness of researchers in Russia and the EU for cooperation potentials; monitor the existing STI cooperation praxis and facilitate the implementation of a sustainable cooperation support system;
• analyse the Russian innovation system and provide support for enhanced implementation of R&D results;
• deliver a feasibility study for a common representation of European scientific institutions in Russia.

More information on the web-site of the project:
Information platform of the S&T Potential of EU-Russia Cooperation:

BILAT-RUS-Advanced Project is under the Project BILAT