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Reinforcing the international cooperation in FP7 FAFB strengthening the CIRCLE of Third Countries BIO NCPs


Proposal full title: Reinforcing the international cooperation in FP7 FAFB strengthening the CIRCLE of Third Countries BIO NCPs
Proposal acronym: BIO CIRCLE 2
Type of funding scheme: Coordination and support actions (Coordinating)
Work programme topics addressed: KBBE.2010.4-04: Network of Third Countries BIO NCPs
Russian partner name: A.N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry, RAS
Web-site of the project:

Under the FAFB theme, the BIO CIRCLE project was launched to further extend the network of National Contact Points in Third Countries (Third Country BIO NCPs), with a special focus on countries that have signed bilateral S&T agreements with the European Union (Call: FP7-KBBE-2008-2B - Topic: KBBE-2008-4-01 Network of Third Countries National Information Points – ICPC and countries with bilateral S&T agreements with the European Community).

As a logical follow-up of the ongoing BIO CIRCLE activities, the main objective of the BIO CIRCLE 2 project is to foster the knowledge base about FP7-FAFB & the networking capacities of Third Country researchers in order to reinforce their participation in FP7 projects.

To reach this objective, three project goals are distinguished for BIO CIRCLE 2:
1. Disseminate information effectively to Third Country researchers
2. Organise information days and training sessions for Third Country researchers
3. Provide Third Country researchers with efficient networking opportunities

To reach the project goals and carry out the proposed activities, three approaches will be used to create a maximum impact:

A. build on the existing BIO CIRCLE network and the coordination of high quality research attained so far
B. use a regional approach to involve Third Country researchers in FP7-FAFB
C. link the BIO CIRCLE 2 activities to the activities of related INCO projects (INCO-NETs, BILAT, ACCESS4EU) and other relevant projects

The proposed Third Country partners of BIO CIRCLE 2 are the same as those currently active in the BIO CIRCLE project. They represent countries that have a significant S&T capacity that is essential to solve global problems related to Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology. Moreover, they represent important regions of the world when it comes to common challenges in the agri-food sector. Apart from Kazakhstan and Thailand, all involved countries (and the African continent represented by FARA) have signed a bilateral S&T agreement with the EU.

The BIO CIRCLE 2 partnership also include three non-ICPC/industrialised countries that have signed bilateral S&T agreements (Canada, Australia and New Zealand) with the European Union. Their involvement is crucial to i) cover all important world regions, ii) continue already established collaborations, and iii) benefit from the high level of S&T capacity available in these countries.
APRE will involve the USA in all the project activities through INCO projects (BILAT and ACCESS4EU projects shown in point C below) in which APRE is partner.

The aim of linking the BIO CIRCLE 2 activities to other international S&T cooperation projects, is to reach out to as many researchers as possible, as well as use the political momentum to work together on issues that are of world-wide interest.