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Funding organizations in Russia

Russian Academy of Sciences

.pngThe Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) had 116 agreements and 8 intergovernmental agreements on scientific cooperation with foreign countries in 2014.
Through the Russian State Academies reorganization in 2014, 186 Agricultural Academy and Medical Academy international agreements with more than 60 countries were added. 1223 Russian scientists took part in international collaboration abroad in accordance of 2013 contracts.
More than 260 protocols on cooperation with foreign partners were signed by RAS Institutions.
In connection with RAS reorganization and RAS Institutions reregistration under Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FASO) jurisdiction the scientific exchange agreements were completely stopped. In 2014 were signed 2014-2016 joint research Agenda between RAS and the National Research Council of Italy and the National Centre for Scientific Research (France).
The Russian Academy of Sciences carries out membership in international non-governmental scientific organizations. RAS scientists and experts are parties to the General Assemblies, governing bodies, Global Working programs and research projects, international congresses and conferences. They use global scientific literature data banks and all kind of informational networks. As membership fees RAS contribute to international organizations more than 1.787 million USD.


The Federal Targeted Programme for Research and Development in Priority Areas of Advancement of the Russian Scientific and Technological Complex for 2014-2020

The 2014-2020 Programme is responsible for creating scientific and technological groundwork orientated primarily toward inter-industry needs and a single infrastructure to support the R&D sector. Federal branch programmes and agency targeted programmes will support R&D and back-up applied research at commercial stages.

Russian Foundation for Basic Research

The main task of the Foundation is to select on the basis of competitions the best scientific projects among those that were submitted to the Foundation by scientists in an initiative order and subsequently to support the selected projects organisationally and financially.
Scientific directions supported by the Foundation are:
- Mathematics, mechanics, and information technology;
- Physics and astronomy;
- Chemistry and studies of materials;
- Biology and medical science;
- Earth science;
- Humanities and social sciences;
- Information technology and computer systems;
- Fundamental basics of engineering sciences.

The Russian Science Foundation

The Foundation conducts a competitive selection of S&T programs and projects in several directions. These directions are:
- Carrying out initiatives of fundamental and exploratory research groups, individual scientific and teaching staff;
- The development of scientific organizations and educational institutions of higher education;
- The creation of scientific organizations and educational institutions of higher education departments and laboratories world-class;
- The development of experimental base for scientific research.

The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises

The main objectives of the Fund are:
- Implementation of the state policy development and support of small S&T enterprises;
- Direct financial, informational and other aid to small innovative enterprises implementing development projects and the development of new types of high-tech products and technologies on the basis of these enterprises owned intellectual property;
- The creation and development of innovative infrastructure to support small businesses;
- Promoting the creation of new jobs for the efficient use of scientific and technological capacity;
- Extra-budgetary investment in small innovative business;
- Training (including youth involvement in innovation activity).

Russian Foundation for Technological Development

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the implementation of the state policy in the sphere of scientific, technical and innovative activity. The Fund provides financial and advisory support for russian organizations in the implementation of scientific and technical projects and experimental development, including in the framework of international scientific cooperation.

Russian Foundation for Humanities

The main objectives of the Fund are state support for the human sciences, the spread of knowledge in the field of human sciences, the revival of traditions of national human sciences.
The Fund holds several dozen of different calls in all major areas of the human sciences: history, archeology, ethnography, economics, philosophy, sociology, political science, law, science of science, philology, art history, psychology, problems of a comprehensive study of human psychology and pedagogy.