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10.04.2018 The deadline for proposal submission is April 16th, 2018 – 12 AM CET.

Projects in the frame of „Bioeconomy International“ shall significantly contribute to at least one of the following fields of action of the National Research Strategy Bioeconomy 2030:

1. Securing global nutrition
2. Ensuring sustainable agricultural production
3. Producing safe and healthy food
4. Using renewable resources for industry
5. Developing biomass-based energy

In addition, the projects should address at least one of the following strategic aims of the German Government towards the internationalization of science and research:

1. Strengthening of research collaboration with leading international institutions
2. Development of international innovation potentials
3. Assuming international responsibility and meeting global challenges

The projects shall be at eye level. This means that partners from abroad are working equally in cooperation with German partners. All partners should bring their expertise to solve a problem in joint efforts which is difficult (or impossible) to be solved alone.
Please, respect that this call for proposals does not intend to fund development aid-projects!
The aim of this program is to fund German partners (universities, research organisations and industry) in international consortia (the international partners have to demonstrate their own financing - except module 2 and 3), preferring cooperation projects with partners in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, India, Malaysia, Russia and Vietnam. However, cooperation projects with other countries are also welcome.

The Bioeconomy International 2017 call is subdivided into three modules:

1) Bioeconomy International - Basis (BI-Basis)
2) Bioeconomy Germany/Argentina (Bio-GerArg)
3) Bioeconomy Germany/São Paulo (Bio-Ger/SP)

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